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What we do?

Building Dynamic and Sustainable Communities Through Mentorship One University At A Time…

Menti is a super intuitive platform that facilitates the mentorship process to build meaningful relationships and a resourceful exchange of knowledge!

We streamline the work of career services and alumni affairs, helping universities leverage their most valuable resources—Alumni— to aid students in career exploration, career readiness and professional development. Our interactive social community re-engages alumni as they connect with current students to share valuable resources and best practices.

Moreover, we allow students to harness the power of peer-to-peer interaction and inspiration, connecting with likeminded mentees to share ideas and updates.

Menti gives users the tools to truly make the mentorship enterprise their own. After all, each mentorship process should be tailored to the individual, not a one size fits all experience.

Features & Benefits

We give your students a career boost by leveraging your Alumni

We help universities re-engage, maintain and increase reachability of their Alumni networks through actionable real-time data.


Give Your Users Ownership

  • Easy log-in through Facebook or LinkedIn
  • Automated student & alumni pairing
  • Allow students to apply to multiple mentorships
  • Have mentors invite like-minded students to their programs

Seamless Communication

  • Mentors can share resources with multiple mentees at the press of a button
  • Students can share personal updates and inspire likeminded peers
  • Utilize trackable goals and objectives to facilitate teachings
  • Use Menti’s feature QuickCall for easy 1on1 interactions on the go

Branded & Customized Platform

  • Customized branded platform for your University
  • Customizable interests for your curriculum
  • Closed social network
  • SSO capabilities

Access Valuable Data and Insights

  • Increased reachability of alumni and student networks
  • Keep real-time up to date analytics on key information
  • Dramatically reduce admin time
Menti is going mobile!

 is going mobile!

Mentorship should not just be face-to-face. We are putting your mentors and mentees in your pocket!


Our Mission

Cultivate Inspiring Relationships

To Cultivate Inspirational People


To Connect Innovative Minds

Create a Community of Mentorship

To Create a Community of Creativity and Innovation

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